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The History of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves sharing of revenue between online merchants and online publishers. This is based on achieving certain business parameters like sales, registrations and number of clicks. This is a very common practice in the internet marketing industry where a website provides incentives and rewards to its affiliates for every customer brought in by an affiliate’s marketing initiative.

From the time it was introduced, affiliate marketing has grown manifold over the years. Before affiliate marketing into being, many people regarded e-commerce websites as something like a marketing gimmick. However, now affiliate marketing has become a part and parcel of the mainstream business strategies and plans. It has become integral for any company’s business plan. Affiliate marketing has carved a niche for itself. It contributes handsomely to a company’s annual revenues. It is no longer looked down upon as an alternate business model. In some instances, affiliate marketing contributes more than the regular business models. Such is the success of the affiliate marketing effort. 

Nowadays, you can earn very good commissions by becoming an affiliate for a wide range of companies in the gaming and gambling industry, retail business, travel, telecom, publishing, personal finance and other such organizations who depend upon Affiliate marketing for that extra business. At present affiliate marketing is very successful in the retail, gambling and the adult entertainment industry.

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